Food & Lodging

  1. Food Service
  2. Child Day Care
  3. Nursing Homes
  4. Residential Care
  5. Schools


Food Service Establishments are inspected at a frequency determined by the risks to the population served by the establishment and the type of food or drink served by the establishment. No establishment shall commence or continue operation without a permit or transitional permit issued by the Department. 

Food and Lodging Inspections

Listed below are links to the most recent food and lodging sanitation inspections for Graham County establishments in 2019. As more inspections are complete, this list will be expanded.


The permit or transitional permit shall be issued to the owner or operator of the establishment and shall not be transferable. All New, remodeled, or establishments adding new equipment, must submit plans, drawn to scale, equipment specification sheets, menu and a completed Restaurant Plan Review Application.

Serv Safe

ServSafe is a Food Safety Certification Course developed by the Education Foundation of the National Restaurant Association. This course is designed for food service managers and supervisory staff in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, child care facilities, and other food-handling establishments. ServSafe is now required for all food service establishments.